María Jesús Solavera Grau

María Jesús Solavera

Business and career history over the past 20 years

» 2022 Deepening in Five Biological Laws (Dr. Luis Felipe Espinosa). Training program for future specialists or individuals of «NLP applied to The Five Biological Laws», with three courses structured in three levels of learning.
» 2021 The Five Biological Laws (Dr. Luis Felipe Espinosa). Application of online NLP to The Five Biological Laws. Integration program of both disciplines.
» 2020 Generative Coaching (IAGC). Starting of online NLP training with official AEPNL certification.
» 2019 Starting of training and therapeutic care via online, especially monographs focused on overweight and obesity.
» 2017-2018 Implementation of novel therapeutic methodologies (B.I.P) in training, focused on dealing with current conflictive transgenerational issues.
» Between 2009 until april 2016, I have acted as coach on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) and Erickson’s Hypnosis, as well as trainer, for the faculty team at the Spanish Institute on Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques.
» 2015 Academic Co-Director, Spanish Institute of Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques (ieBNE).
» 2014 NLP And health Master.
» 2013 Founding partner in ‘Solera Terrae’, an branded export company.
» 2012 National and international BNE trainer.
» 2010 WingWave Coach.
» 2009 Coaching and mentoring projects for the training of young woman entrepreneurs in cooperation with Barcelona Activa.
» 2009 NLP Co-director at the Barcelona Institut Gestalt.
» 2009 Founding partner in Synergy and Coaching SL, a training firm.
» 2003 Managing director of her own audiovisual distribution firm.
» 2003 Private and group sessions for specific NLP training.
» 2003 Private sessions for accompaniment in all sorts of conflicts.
» 2003 Personal coach (AENLP) / Business Coach.
» 2003 Professor of Neuro Linguistic Programing clinics.
» 2001 Marketing Director of an audiovisual distribution company.
» 1999 Started comprehensive training on Neuro Linguistic Programing.
» Prior:  Occupational experience in financial derivative instruments (middle-level management position).


» 2022 Deepening in Five Biological Laws · Constellations of the Brain.
» 2021 The Five Biological Laws (ConCienciaBio).
» 2020 Generative Coaching (IAGC).
» 2013 Diploma course on Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques completed (OIBS, Cuba).
» 2010 WingWave Coach.
» 2008 Biological decoding of diseases (French School of Bio-Décodage).
» 2006 Trained on integrated therapy, Claudio Naranjo’s SAT program.
» 2006 Hypnosis applied to NLP, under Richard Bandler.
» 2001 Training on conscious system for motion techniques (Dr. Lola Poveda).
» 1999 Full training on all the NLP-related specialties.

Practitioner . Master . Trainer . Coaching . Health . Communication . Hypnosis . Epistemology


» Studies conducted on Psychology (University of Barcelona).
» Business administration training on sales, customer services, marketing and human-resource management.