I advised Maria Jesus (MJ) that I needed to lose much of my excess weight.  I had tried different therapies unsuccessfully, and for that reason, I decided to use hypnosis.  We held two sessions during which MJ said she had used NLP as a tool to reinforce my treatment.  After my first session, I began to experience an overall change.  I no longer felt eagerness to eat and I was able to eat quietly, with my self- awareness focused on the food I was eating.  Since my anxiety had disappeared, I began to eat less and to lose weight gradually.  Two months later, I had lost eight kilos.  My new look was also encouraging me to eat less.  I have already shaken off 19 kilos, and I combine my foods in a balanced diet.


I first contacted María Jesús Solavera on recommendation by a friend who had studied NLP under her.  I was addicted to smoking (about two packs a day).  I would light up a cigarette, while its preceding one was still lit.  My doctor had given me an ultimatum.  I was short of breath.  My wife was constantly complaining, and her grievances were leading to many arguments.  My clothes smelled, my shirts and pants were being burned, my teeth were yellow.  I even smoked while driving in disregard for the risks involved.  In sum, I asked for a hypnotic treatment after I read about its success in helping kick this habit.  I was pleasantly surprised when MJ recommended that I initially reduce the number of cigarettes smoked each day; in other words, I was not expected to quit my habit all at once.  I liked the idea.  In the two weeks that followed my first session, I was able to space out my smoking frequency and by the end of my second session, I was smoking 10 cigarettes a day.  We held a third session two months later.  Now, I smoke one cigarette after each meal, and I feel well.  Thank you, María


Three years ago, I had a major issue that had been outstanding since my childhood. I used to bite my nails constantly, and quite often, I would bleed.  I had tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.  When I was little, my mother used to dip my nails in pepper and garlic.  The stench was awful, yet my compulsion would not stop.  I contacted IG in Barcelona asking for hypnotic treatment.  I was referred to María Jesús who treated me twice using hypnosis and NLP alternately.  The results were excellent.  At present, I manicure my nails every week, and I love to show my nails in bright red.


I asked María Jesús Solavera for help early in 2014.  I specifically requested hypnotic treatment.  I knew Maria Jesus for her NLP formation.  I was unable to drive in the city.  When I was on the highway, I did not have any driving problem, but once I arrived in town, I would begin to sweat and throb.  On one occasion, I suffered an anxiety breakdown as I was entering the beltway.  I was forced to park my car in town and return home by train.  My fear was rising, and just the thought of driving was causing me much stress.  Eventually, I had to stop driving my children to school.  I joined the sessions.  In fact, we held four sessions because in the course of my treatment, other issues that were associated with my problem began to emerge.  In ten days, the process started to reverse.  I grew more and more self-confident, and eventually, I was able to perform well in any context: road, expressway and city streets.  I am not very much amused about driving along the beltway, but I can drive there if I have to.  The results were quite satisfactory.