Miquel Solavera Grau

    Business and career history of the past 20 years

        • 2015 Private sessions on coaching and mentoring processes.
        • 2015 Commercial, marketing and operations manager, Enric Corbera Institute.
        • 2013 CEO, Solera Terrae, an olive-oil producing and exporting firm.
        • 2011 CEO, Backstage Solutions SL, a consulting, marketing and sales firm with externalized services.
        • 2009 Cooperated with Barcelona Activa in the training of young woman entrepreneurs using NLP and business coaching.
        • 2006 National sales manager, Grupo Planeta.
        • 2002 Regional sales manager, Universal Pictures. Marketing and sales specialist.
        • 2001 CEO of a graphic and audiovisual company.
        • 1995 Provincial sales supervisor, Sony Pictures.


        • Barcelona Polytechnic University, major in Business Sciences
        • NLP Practitioner, Barcelona Institut Gestalt
        • NLP Master, Barcelona Institut Gestalt
        • Communication and NLP Master, Barcelona Institute Gestalt
        • Marketing Master, EADA, Barcelona
        • Master in business and sales management, EADA, Barcelona
        • Bio-Neural-Emotional techniques, Corbera Institute