Mentoring is defined as an interpersonal learning methodology in which an experienced and knowledgeable person (a “mentor”) is designated to support an employee in his career development.   During this process, the mentor provides information, care, guidance and advice for his trainee’s personal and professional development. Responses are given to the critical needs of the employee’s life in a manner that he/she becomes ready to succeed. Values, such as sense of belonging, team spirit, commitment and creativity, are instilled; and as a result, the trainee adopts highly effective behaviors, including, without limitation, a capacity to take risks, design new equipment and manage challenges.

The knowledge and lessons transferred by the mentor through his experience help significantly maximize the trainee’s potential, including his fast mind and creativity.   As a result, a relation of mutual trust is encouraged, and the individual successfully connects with the best of himself at a personal and professional level.


The purpose of mentoring is to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise held by individuals in organizations and the society for their transfer to fellow individuals. In other words, it is about the TRANSFER OF KNOW-HOW.

Mentoring is designed to accelerate personal and professional development through the support given by a more experienced person. In other words, it is about the UNLEASH OF POTENTIAL.

Mentoring also generates valuable links between a mentor and his trainees, as well as among the trainees and other members of the same organization and other individuals who are alien to the concerned organization. These links can reinforce an individual’s personal and professional development, as well as support the satisfaction of personal objectives and the cementation of positions within the scope where mentoring is applied. In other words, it is about SPONSORSHIP & RELATIONS.


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