Maria Jesús Solavera

Business and career history over the past 15 years

      • Between 2009 until april 2016, I have acted as coach on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) and Erickson’s Hypnosis, as well as trainer, for the faculty team at the Spanish Institute on Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques.
      • 2015 Academic Co-Director, Spanish Institute of Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques (ieBNE).
      • 2014 NLP And health Master
      • 2013  Founding partner in Solera Terrae, an branded export company.
      • 2012 National and international BNE trainer
      • 2010 WingWave Coach.
      • 2009 Coaching and mentoring projects for the training of young woman entrepreneurs in cooperation with Barcelona Activa.
      • 2009 NLP Co-director at the Barcelona Institut Gestalt.
      • 2009 Founding partner in Synergy and Coaching SL, a training firm.
      • 2003  Managing director of her own audiovisual distribution firm
      • 2003  Private and group sessions for specific NLP training
      • 2003  Private sessions for accompaniment in all sorts of conflicts
      • 2003  Personal coach (AENLP) – business coach
      • 2003  Professor of Neuro Linguistic Programing clinics
      • 2001  Marketing Director of an audiovisual distribution company
      • 1999  Started comprehensive training on Neuro Linguistic ProgramingPrior:  Occupational experience in financial derivative instruments (middle-level management position)



    • 2013  Diploma course on Bio-Neuro-Emotional Techniques completed (OIBS, Cuba)
    • 2010  Wing-Wave Coach
    • 2008  Biological decoding of diseases (French School of Bio-decodage)
    • 2006  Trained on integrated therapy, Claudio Naranjo’s SAT program
    • 2006  Hypnosis applied to NLP, under Richard Bandler
    • 2001  Training on conscious system for motion techniques (Dr. Lola Poveda)
    • 1999  Full training on all the NLP-related specialties

    Practitioner – master – trainer – coaching – health – communications – hypnosis – epistemology


    • Studies conducted on psychology (Central University of Barcelona)
    • Business administration training on sales, customer services, marketing and human-resource management